Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16

Whew, I got today's entry in in the nick of time!
Isaac loves his blankie. He carries it around, sleeps with it, stashes it in his pocket to go to the store. It is a cape, the sail of a boat, a picnic cloth and a parachute. He became attached to it as an infant, I noticed that he slept through the night when he was swaddled in one particular blanket. It arrived at our home as a gift from my Great-Aunt when I was pregnant with Alex. It was used occasionally by both Alex and Ethan in a large rotation of baby blankets. Neither of them seemed to care about it particularly. I pulled it out for Isaac among many others. It was another hand me down for the third boy in a row. Isaac would never believe you though if you said that the blankie was Alex's. It is his, a threadbare friend, claimed by love.

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  1. Wish him a happy birthday from me.....

    Gill in Canada (Appleby on PH)