Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18

Happy Birthday

Isaac is three today! We had a wonderful day,we went sledding, and had a great party in the evening. The big kids did not have school today so we got to hang out, and they helped me set up Isaac's party during his nap. When he got up he was so excited!! "Thank you for making my Berfday Mama!"

He wanted a superhero party, so I made a Batman cake, and we had Spiderman plates and napkins. He wanted me to put his "name letters" on his cake, so we did, of course. We ate pizza, and chocolate cake and ice cream. We also had lots of helium balloons, his favorite thing.

He has been really excited about "blowing the fire" on his cake, so I put trick candles on it that he got to blow out over and over again. He was more and more delighted every time they came back!

He got lots of great gifts, and he tore through them like a whirlwind. He was particularly excited to get "yummy bears", and a real wallet with a one dollar bill in it. "Cash!", he said. "I love cash!" It was a great day, and I cannot believe my little guy is three.

Three years ago today:
Happy Birthday Isaac Maxwell.

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