Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5


It is still bitter cold here, the guys are back in school, Mike is back at work, and nothing remotely interesting has happened for several days. Isaac badgered me all day yesterday to make cupcakes. I told him "later", until I finally got some in the oven right before dinner. With the huge pile of dishes already looming, I just could not bring myself to make frosting last night and get them decorated. I offered Isaac an unfrosted one, and he looked at me as if I had cracked. Toddlers have no use for unfrosted cupcakes, the cupcake is merely the frosting holder. So, this morning, first thing , he was bugging me to get the cupcakes frosted. I asked him what the hurry was , and he said "we REALLY need cupcakes today mama." So, we got the frosting made, and got them frosted and sprinkled. Suddenly, the day was not so boring. Lunch turned into a party. He was right, we really needed cupcakes today.


  1. Oh wow... now I think maybe WE need cupcakes today! Great shots of the adorable kids!

  2. Toddlers can be brilliant! Cake makes everything better, that is my motto.

  3. I can see text. ;) BTW, your kids are adorable! How cute that he wanted cupcakes. :)