Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16

Dinner Out

We all needed a change of pace this evening so we headed off to A&W for dinner. Burgers and fries, frosty mugs of root beer, and a free jukebox. It was just the break we all needed!

February 15


Today is President's day, and we had a lazy stay home day. It was great!
Ethan sat down and started plinking on the piano this afternoon. He was soon joined by Amelia.

Before long, Isaac and his harmonica joined in. (check out that nap hair!!)

I though they were so cute, but just as I was ready to put away my camera, Alex joined in too.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

I got these beautiful flowers from Mike for Valentine's Day. I am so grateful to have him as my husband. I am still (almost 15 years later!) totally crazy about him, and I think he is pretty much the greatest guy ever. He has given me the most wonderful life I could have imagined. I love you, honey. Happy Valentine's Day.

Ferbruary 13


Alex is on the running crew, working on lights for his school production of The Outsiders. It is very different from being onstage, but it is a good experience for him. He is working a lot of long hours and had a performance tonight.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 12

Little Sister

Amelia loves her brothers. She has just discovered in the last week or so how totally entertaining and enjoyable they are. I know Isaac is not looking at the camera in this picture, they both have dirty faces, and she does not have a bow in her hair, but her genuine happy smile at being with him stole my heart.

February 11


Amelia's birthmark is called a Pigmented Congenital Nevus. It has lightened quite a bit since birth, but the pigment has seemed to stabilize a bit recently and I think this is about how it is going to stay. She is very fortunate as far as Nevi go, most are much darker and come with a whole series of related health concerns that she does not seem to have. It is not easily removable, only through a long series of very painful surgeries, so for now it will stay right where it is. It is just part of what makes Amelia special.

At birth

February 10

Ear Infection

I hate winter illness. I keep thinking we can escape it, but we can't. At least not this year. We have had one thing after another for weeks now, and we are all exhausted by the constant illness. Isaac was diagnosed with a raging double ear infection today, poor thing. I can not wait for spring.

February 9

Follow The Leader

We had a little spontaneous game of follow the leader this evening. It was so funny to watch Amelia try and follow the guys. She is getting so big, she loves to play with her brothers.

February 8

Digging Out

Ok, I have done a terrible job this week at updating the blog. I feel guilty about it, so let's just move on, and I promise to do better. Monday was terribly snowy, Mike worked from home, but they never cancel school in MN, so the kids braved it. The doorstep to take this picture is as far out as I got.

Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5


This is the face of a child who got only ONE cookie for dessert.
Sad, huh.
He has a very hard life.

February 4

Armed and Silly

Before I had children, I said that I would never buy a Nerf gun. I was convinced that they promoted violence, had no play value and were totally useless. Then I had three little boys, and relaxed quite a bit. Nerf guns are now overtaking our home. Ethan got 2 HUGE ones for Christmas, and the guys love to battle with them. The only things I have seen them promote is playing with your brother for long periods of time, giggling and running around. I am OK with all of that.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3

Pinewood Derby

Ethan raced his car "Speedy Gonzalez" in the Pinewood derby today! He had a great time, hung out with his friends, and learned a lot about sportsmanship. Notice I did not say that he learned anything about winning.....

Ethan's Car

The competition

Ethan's Fan Club. Do you see this line of girls? The sign says "Go Ethan". I am in trouble with this one I tell you....

Isaac thought the "scout race" was pretty much the coolest thing ever.

February 2

Stomach flu -DAY 2


February 1

Stomach Flu - DAY 1

I PROMISE, there was nothing today that you want to see a picture of.

January 31

Fun and Games

We had a quiet Sunday, but Ethan entertained us all with this game he created himself. It was called The Journey Home From The Park, and had us facing obstacles like puddles, dogs, rabid raccoons and quick sand between the park and our house. Reading and writing do not come easily to Ethan, so this was a big deal! He did a great job, and we all had fun playing it.