Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 24

Lunch Box

Ethan's bento box turned out so yummy looking today that I just had to share!! I love making cute healthy lunches for him and he loves eating them! Alex and Mike both ask for bentos too. Mike eats lunch in the cafeteria at work, but I make him a mini bento for a snack, and Alex has ventured out of the hot lunch line for a bento box.


  1. I love the Bento Boxes. I can't wait to see more - also you'll have to tell us what these gorgeous lunches hold!

  2. This lunch had:
    Bottom: rice squares with bell pepper hearts, snow peas and carrots with ranch dressing in the little container, blackberries
    Top: string cheese, apple slices, cheezits with letters on them, and smarties