Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2

Scavenger Hunt at MOA

We headed to the Mall of America today, and I made a scavenger hunt for the big boys. They had a fun time with the camera, and searching for things. Here is a copy of the list they had, and a few of my favorite shots they got.

Mall of America Photo Scavenger Hunt

Take pictures of you with each of these things. Take turns holding the camera so that both of you are in some of the pictures.

A tree

recycling can (like the trash can not a pop can)
Jango Fett
in front of a fountain
a big fish tank

an alligator
in a photo booth

a person dressed as an animal (can repeat )
a person dressed as a cartoon character (can repeat)
up on a stage doing a funny pose
wearing funny hat

Darth Vader
on an escalator

a choc chip cookie
a dinosaur
with the funniest sign you can find
the tallest Lego tower you can build
the tallest structure you see in the mall
the largest stuffed animal you can find
the biggest car you can find
photo/painting of a famous person

store with a long name
store with a short name

A janitor doing his/her job

a bird

a lily pad


The baseball seat from Metropolitan Stadium that commemorates a 520 foot home run hit by Harmon Killebrew on June 3, 1967
-hint it is mounted on a wall 520 feet from home plate -

And a bonus shot of Isaac at Legoland

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