Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 21

A New Plan

Our family needed a new plan. A plan to help people reach their full, amazing potential. A plan to use time better, and learn more. A plan to watch less TV. So, now, we have one. Each child receives 3 tickets a day. Each ticket is worth 10 minutes of screen time (TV, computer, video games, etc)
They can gain and lose tickets based on behavior, and the tickets never expire. The first few days have been great, I hope it brings positive change in our home. Here is the list of ways to gain and lose tickets that we have established. It is open to constant revision.

You can earn one ticket by:
completing all your chores (see daily chore list)
finishing your homework before dinner
reading your scriptures for 15 minutes
cleaning your room
clearing and wiping the table
practicing the violin for 20 minutes
spending 15 minutes working on Scout requirements
spending 15 minutes working on Faith in God
30 minutes of sports (soccer, basketball, football, baseball, etc)
reading (15 min Ethan, 30 min Alex)
sweeping the porch and front walk
wiping down the toilet and sink
doing an extra credit project for school
pulling weeds
cleaning your closet
folding one basket of laundry
reading two story books to a younger sibling
changing a diaper
creating art for 30 minutes (creative writing, drawing, painting, collage etc)
cooking something to share with the family, and cleaning up your mess
write a letter to a friend or family member (at least 15 sentences.)
take an extra shower or bath and wash your hair
taking all the laundry out of the hall/bathroom downstairs
working on a hobby for 30 minutes
getting a perfect score on a test
read/listen to one conference talk
wash your own lunchbox
organize movies
sweep the downstairs
tidy the living room
30 minutes of yard work
clean out the van

You can lose one ticket by:
not hanging up your towels
leaving the bathroom a mess after you are done
fighting with siblings
leaving breakfast dishes/cereal box on the table
telling a lie
leaving your lunchbox in your backpack
having a tantrum
sneaking treats or candy
leaving dirty socks on the floor

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