Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 27

New Wheels

I have a new stroller. I am so super duper excited about it, I just love it. It is a sit and stand stroller, with room for Amelia and Isaac very comfortably. It is wonderful, it has a plushy seat for Millie, a jump seat and a standing step for Isaac, a tall enough handle for me that I don't have to bend over and a large basket underneath. It even (slightly strangely) has a new car smell. We took it on an inaugural walk to the park today, and we all agreed that it is great!

The park was very fun, and Amelia climbed up the 3 steps to the tiny slide and slid down all by herself. There are, of course, no pictures of that, as I was hovering over her with both hands outstretched and could not hold the camera too!

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